lunes, 30 de abril de 2012

Wonderful Success for TENERIFE NATURAL HEALING SYSTEM during Santa Ursula Health Week by Julie Wroe (

Thanks to the most generous invitation from the Town Hall in Santa Úrsula as part of their

Annual Health Week, we kicked off with our first event  on Thursday 29th March 2012
in the Beautiful  Plenary Hall.

The event was very well attended with interested members of the General Public 
and Health Care Professionals alike.

This presentation was conducted by Grand Reiki Master Auxiliadora Hernandez 
and of course we were most fortunate to have a powerful oration 
by the distinguished creator of The Tenerife Healing System Dr. Damian Alvarez. 

The format of the presentation was: Vibrational Medicine, The Root of Disease and Vibrational Therapies, The Tenerife Natural Healing System as a  Vibrational Therapy System and the differences between this 
and other Systems of Healing.
This was  followed by a Practical Demonstration of a Tenerife Natural Healing System Therapy Session.

The floor was then open for question time.

The presentation was conducted in a relaxed and comfortable way and was enjoyed by all. It was encouraging and heartwarming to hear how interested the audience were in the many different aspects of The Tenerife Natural Healing System and that they were hungry for more information!

Julie Wroe. Tinerfe System of Natural Healing
Gran Era del Amor