lunes, 30 de abril de 2012

TENERIFE NATURAL HEALING SYSTEM Information and Advice Stand @ The Health Fair in Santa Ursula by Julie Wroe (

On Saturday 31st March 2012 THE TENERIFE NATURAL HEALING SYSTEM as a second part to our participation in Health Week, Santa Ursula.
What a beautiful sunny day we were blessed with for this outside event held in the Town Square

Led by our Grand Master and Creator of TENERIFE Natural Healing System, Dr. Damian Alvarez. 
Masters, Healers and Therapists came from far and wide to offer help and advice to the public, to answer any questions related to Vibrational Medicine, Personal and Spiritual Growth and of course any question relating to the Unique Tenerife Healing System.

Brochures, books and information were available for people to take away, suppled by Masters and Therapist from all over Tenerife. 
At the same time they could have a friendly chat and ask questions in a calm, relaxed and helpful environment.

Crystal Therapy, Aromatherapy and many interesting items  were also available.

This was a happy and enjoyable day for all.

As this was such a successful event and with God's blessing, I feel sure we will be doing it again!

Julie Wroe
Tinerfe System of Natural Healing
Gran Era del Amor